Donate to STEAM Studio

How to help

The STEAM Studio is a living laboratory that relies on your help to continue to flourish. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Donate  We rely on donations from people who care about investing in a brighter future for our region’s students and schools. 
Volunteer  We are currently identifying volunteer opportunities at STEAM Studio. Check back soon for updates!
School participation  When a school brings its students, they are exposed to a different setting and explore by making choices on what they want to do and how they want to approach it. Our cutting-edge program promotes brainstorming, planning, testing, and even prototyping and product development. Less consumption of knowledge, more production of knowledge…by the kids themselves.
Corporate sponsorship – Local businesses gain visibility, interact with the community, aid in the development of tomorrow’s leaders, and support significant change in this new way of learning.

Goals for 2016

  • Continued program growth
  •  Industrial Professional 3D Printer ($5000)
  • Robotics kits ($2500/kit)
  • Scholarship funding for underprivileged and inner city schools 
  • Stipends for additional trained coaches
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Bus maintenance and driver expenses