Our Space

STEAM Studio is located within the Kansas City architectural office of Gould Evans. The non-traditional, loft-style learning environment is an “anti-classroom” that helps kids unleash their creativity. It doesn’t “feel like school!”

In our space:
Students discover how to use design thinking to solve problems through interactive workshops. As guest teachers, Gould Evans staff lead demos on a variety of topics including 3D model building, digital visualization, fashion design, 3D hand sketching, and the business of architecture. Being embedded within the office, STEAM Studio exposes students to a true STEAM profession in action!
Teachers learn how to teach students in an innovative, non-traditional environment, helping them transition as their schools increasingly adopt blended learning, design thinking, and project-based learning curricula.
Architects observe how kids learn best via this built-in “education design laboratory.” They gain empathy for the real-world challenges of teachers and how design can make a difference in their schools. And they track evidence-based outcomes of student engagement in the STEAM Studio vs. students' home school classrooms. Collectively, this increased knowledge helps us design more effective learning environments that foster more powerful student outcomes. 

 Our flexible space can accommodate a coding workshop one day, solar robotics the next, and an outdoor biology project the next!