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STEAM Summer Session Sign up


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PreK- 1st grade (4-6 years old)
July 24-27 9am-12pm (4 days

Zoology Mini Camp:  Kids love animals, what better way to enjoy the summer by learning, creating and meeting live and fictitious animals? Each day will have a different theme of animal to meet and create of their own while using their science, technology, math, engineering and artistic skills through a variety of exciting activities.

 Elementary (going into:  2st grade-4th grade)
July 31- August 3, 9am-Noon: 

GAME ON!  Kids love to create and play games. We will tap into their interests through all the areas of STEAM for them to engineer a new game or sport. Then they will learn how to use their math and science skills to design then test it.  Of course, you need a commercial which they can also write and publish. There will be some risk taking and trial/error through the process (which all kids need) but everybody wins!

Middle School (going into: 5th-8th grade)
July 17-20, 1-4pm (4 days) 
Sketchup & 3D Interior/Exterior Design Camp: Interested in architecture, design or building creative dream spaces? The sky’s the limit for youth attending this camp. Programs through iPads and Laptops are taught and creatively integrated for them Youth are welcome to BYOD (bring your own device as well)

High School (going into 9th-12th grade)
June 12-16, 9am-3pm (5 days, lunch included)
Industrial Design Internship Camp: Shick Solutions, a local manufacturing company has partnered with STEAM Studio to take students through a week of experiencing every area of the manufacturing world. From welding, designing machines, learning about sales, developing a personal video about the experience to working alongside engineers and staff. This week is a fun way of introducing high-school students to the fascinating, high-tech career choices available to them in today’s manufacturing industry.

Questions? please contact Dr. Mandi Sonnenberg:
All camps are $100 and activities are based on Design Thinking