Dr. Mandi Sonnenberg, Founder and Educator:
Dr. Mandi Sonnenberg is an associate professor of education in the Department of Education at Rockhurst University. As a former classroom teacher and administrator, she brings both vision and empathy to her passion for transforming today’s education models. She teaches educational science and technology courses to future teachers, with a hands-on approach to supporting effective teaching and learning. Simultaneously, she runs multiple summer enrichment and after school programs for area schools, all of which follow curricular strategies incorporating Design Thinking. A founder of STEAM Studio, she uses this living laboratory as a learning platform for her education students, as well as a model to demonstrate progressive teaching practices to surrounding schools and educators. She holds an M.A. from University of Missouri, St. Louis in Education Administration, and earned her doctorate from St. Louis University in Educational Leadership.  

David Reid, Principal and Education Practice Leader, Gould Evans:
David Reid is a principal with Gould Evans and a leader in the firm’s national practice in Education and Strategic Learning Environments. He leads much of the firm’s education research into the emerging pedagogies in 21st Century Learning, how learning goals impact design of the built environment, and ultimately how design influences learning outcomes, behavior, and perception. David takes an active role on projects, bringing both a design and research perspective. He manages the real world challenges of learning institutions as well as sharing national perspectives on emerging trends, supporting his clients in the creation of more effective learning environments that help them stay relevant in an increasingly complex world.